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Painting Folk Art Nutcrackers
A Great Christmas Project
by jantje blokhuis-mulder

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Nutcrackers anyone?

This is a great time of year to do a fun activity with the family. My daughter and I always enjoy making those delightful standing wooden statues known as nutcrackers.

Now, not all of us are able to carve and create with our hands, but fortunately, there are nutcrackers available in the unfinished state. All you have to do is choose the colors and paint them.

Here is what we used to create the nutcrackers you see here.

  • Two wooden nutcrackers
  • Folk art paint (we use acrylic color fast paint) in the following colors: red, blue, white, silver, skin color, green and black.
  • Two brushes one # 3 and one # 6 round tip
  • Clear Acrylic water based sealer. (Benjamin Moore Stays clear or Minwax clear)
  • Paper plate.

You can paint your nutcracker however you choose. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Hold the nutcracker upside down and paint the hat. Let dry.

  2. Then turn right side up and paint the jacket. Let dry.

  3. Holding the nutcracker sideways, paint the underside of the jacket. Let dry.

  4. Then paint the legs. Let dry.

  5. Now you are ready for the boots. Paint, and let dry.

  6. Next, paint the skin area (the hands and the face). Let dry.

  7. Facial features are next. Note: It is best to do this with a pencil first.

  8. Touch up any final areas.

  9. Let the project dry for about two hours.

  10. Now apply the sealer, let it dry and enjoy your creation.

Click here for a Nutcracker Slide Show



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